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Tamara H.Boman, whose pen name is THB is the host of one of the most discussed show online 'Real Talk with THB'. She is also a promising writer in the literary arena. She currently has
her first novel 'Karma Sings the Married Man's Blue's' out in print, A story of Karma Zander, who is always searching for love with her best friend Maxine Carr, yet all they seem to find is fleeting relationships with married men. That is until tragedy blows the door wide-open to the gambits they have grown accustomed to playing.

October 2013 New Release:  And Still Daddy's Girl...mesmerizing.

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After living with her mother Kelley Devereaux in the ghettos of Louisiana, Angel Summers is no stranger to poverty, neglect, and the various boyfriends of her mother who come and go. At six years old Angel thought it couldn’t be any worse. But, when mom dies of a drug overdose, Angel  is placed in an orphanage, where she witnesses a horrible suicide. Then she moves in with her eccentric and crude aunt Bell, but even her tyranny is abruptly ended when Mr. Keller Devereaux, Angel’s father appears back on the scene to offer Angel a life of splendid wealth.

Then, some many years later, after working in New York as a successful D.A. for battered women, Angel meets Flutaa Laonges a twelve year old prostitute, trapped in the system-Flutta claims to know ‘the monster’ Angel’s father. Subsequently, Angel begins having very bad dreams or are they memories?

Months later, when Keller Devereaux falls ill, Angel Summers moves back south to care for her darling daddy, while seeking the help of a prominent psychiatrist Webster Isaacs to unravel her dreams.

But, as Keller Devereaux’s health demises, so does his memory, causing him to sing songs, and speak a foreign language, a language Angel somehow knows, and a familiar song of which she knows every word, a song from a wicked man of long, long ago, compelling her to question who she is in Keller Devereaux’s world.

Get prepared for the newest novel from Tamara Harris-Boman. It's an emotional fire storm, when May June's wedding is all planned out by her aristocratic family, plans are put on hold when a young lady is found dead in her college dorm. The suspects linked to her suicide are high profile athletes, with stellar attorneys and fiercely loyal fans.

A grieving mother, who wants justice. Men who may walk free, if there were no witnesses.

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